B2.1-1 AND B2.1-5

Next thing on your to-do list is...

1.Click on the link to get to this presentation:Talk for a minute about... 
2.Click on a letter to choose ONE topic for you to talk about for  ONE MINUTE.
3.Record yourself with your mobile phone and use the stopwatch to time yourself.
4.Send your audio file to my email address.  Use your first name and surname to name it.

ADVICE: do NOT read from notes.  You can prepare your speech and write down a few notes or key words but do NOT write full sentences.

Also,you can send me the speech you were supposed to do in class on an audio file to my email. If you had a powerpoint presentation to go with it send it in too, do not send me any notes.  The main thing is to send an ORAL presentation on an audio file.  This should not be longer than 5 minutes.

If you want to do Grammar revision, here are a few exercises for you ro revise:

Future Perfect and Future Continuous 1
Future Perfect and Future Continuous 2
Future Perfect and Future Continuous 3
Reflexive Pronouns

Check your emails to get your writings back.




Somebody mentioned there was one mistake in the key to the All Conditionals handout.
Exercise 4 : where it says 3F it should say 3L.


Groups B2.1 - 1 and B2.1 - 5

Here are some revision exercises:
All Conditionals  and   KEY

This a reading comprehension exercise:
The Internet and Education  and  KEY

Go to p.116 and, after having done exercises a and b (key on last week's posts), choose ONE title in c and write an article following the model and the instructions and advice in d, e and f.  
Please hand it in before Friday the 27th - that's next Friday!  
Send it to me on a word document with a space of 2 between lines, so that I can mark it and send it back to you!

Send it in at:   cristina.zezere@educantabria.es

Remember how to use SHOULD:

Remember to use your Workbook, I-Tutor and, if you have it, your grammar book to revise everything we've done so far in the course.  Unfortunately I left my grammar books at school and can't go back to get them, so I can't tell you which units to look for.  Go to the index in your grammar books and look for the grammar topics which coincide with the grammar sections at the end of our textbook (from p.132 onwards)